Thick Chunks Of Roasted Pork!

Menya Kamikaze started their business some time back, and has caught many patrons’ attention in this mall. During meal time, this ramen place is mostly packed.

Their menu is pretty straight forward. They serve ramen (noodles) and gohan (rice) and appetisers such as gyoza, edamame, and some fried stuff to munch on while waiting for the mains.


Pork Soup Ramen Kamikaze

A huge bowl of ramen, served with two pieces of roasted pork, an egg, spring onion, onion, bamboo shoots, black fungus and seaweed. They are pretty generous with the serving portions. The roasted pork slices were really thick, with the melt-in-the-mouth texture that we went ohhh-ed and ahhh-ed after each mouthful. As for the soup base, it was quite different from the other ramen joints. The one at Menya Kamikaze is very thick, rich and flavourful.


Tokyo Soy Sauce Ramen

Shoyu base soup with thin strands of ramen, served with roasted pork, Japanese leek, spring onion, bamboo shoots, black fungus, egg, seaweed and pok choi. This is highly recommended by the chef and yes, it's my favourite among all I've tried. The soup is lighter than the pork soup base, but definitely thicker and richer than other places’ shoyu base ramen. 

I love how the thin strands of noodles work in here - by adsorbing the essence of soupy broth. What you need to do next is to slurp up the ramen at one go! That’s the correct way to enjoy the flavourful ramen.


Spicy Pork Soup Ramen

A thicker strand of ramen, served with roasted pork, chili oil, onion, bamboo shoots, black fungus, and seaweed. A nice touch of chili oil in the thick pork broth, which is not overly spicy, and it did give an extra ohm to the soup. It's definitely catered to those who love spicy dishes. Feel free to dose in more Japanese chili flakes if you fancy a spicier version.


Extra noodles for us and we polished up the soup as well. The soup bases were just too good!