The Cheapest Sushi Around

Sushi Mentai is a popular conveyor belt sushi chain, and probably the cheapest sushi chain around with about 20 outlets nationwide (in Klang Valley, Seremban, Johor and Penang) and more opening up soon.  There are just two prices for their sushi, one for the yellow plates (the cheaper of the two) and one for the red plates.  

One of my all-time favourite sushi here is the Salmon Mentai.  This is raw salmon with mentaiko that has been lightly torched, and served on top of sushi rice.  A common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, mentaiko or mentai is the marinated roe of Pollock or cod.  It gives the sushi a slightly salty and delicious flavor.  The Ebi (or Shrimp) Mentai is just as good.  This one has parboiled shrimps instead of salmon and the same mentai on top.


One of the most common sushi you can find is the Tamago sushi, which is a type of Japanese omelette made by rolling together many layers of cooked egg.  This one is topped with mentai as well, which makes it twice as delectable.  This is a sushi loved by many, especially children.


Another sushi involving salmon is the fried salmon bones with teriyaki sauce.  These are basically the offcuts or leftover salmon bones (after the better salmon parts have been sliced off) that are fried and grilled.  Whatever little flesh that is left on the bones is crisp and fragrant with a nice charred flavour.  These little bits of flesh may need a bit more effort to eat, but let me tell you, it is worth the effort.  I love these little bits to death as they are so good.


If you like sushi wrapped in Japanese seaweed, you can go for the Chuka Hotate (or scallop skin) sushi, which is highly recommended here.  You can taste the fragrance of sesame seeds with a slight heat from the diced chilies in the sauce.  The other option is the Sharksfin Sushi which offers a crunchy bite.


This is the Chuka Idako, which is a sushi topped with chopped up baby octopus pieces marinated with a slightly salty sauce.  The Inari is another popular sushi with a sweet bean curd skin wrapped around vinegared rice and topped with torched mentai, which gives it a combination of sweet and salty flavors.  

Of course, you cannot come to a sushi joint and not order the unagi sushi.  I had a well flavoured piece of unagi (or freshwater eel) that has been cooked with some sweetened and thicken soy sauce.  And it is absolutely yummy.