Spoon's Up!

The freshly squeezed orange juice at Fat Spoon Café does not contain any added sugar or water, so the taste is 100% fresh and natural.

Fat Spoon café also serves a lot of traditional home cooked foods such as popiah. It was well-prepared with a nice presentation, as you could see the amount of fresh garnishing that actually went into each rice roll.

The Ulam Fried Rice with Fried Chicken @ RM11.90, nicely executed with sufficient ‘wok hei’ and the fiery hot sambal goes perfectly with it. The succulent and juicy fried chicken which I highly enjoyed is prepared the old fashion way by using a kunyit based marinade – simple yet delicious.

Now this is a rare noodle, called ‘Claypot Sampan Beef Noodles’. The closest dish that I could think of to describe this would be Vietnamese Beef Pho due to the similarities in ingredients and flavour. Don’t expect the broth to taste light though since it had been heavily seasoned. I believe it will suit those with heavy taste buds.

While the restaurant’s decor and furnishings are quirky and do a good job in bringing back that old kampung feel, it is the menu that takes the cake. Take the opportunity to look closely when you're there. It is actually a children’s story book with some of the pages being replaced by the menu. I don’t know about you but I feel this is a really neat idea which makes them unique.