Us Against D World

This bistro serves wholesome comfort food with emphasis on bacons, bacons and even more bacons!  A home cook with a bubbly personality best describes the bistro’s owner, who has been cooking since she was ten.  It is precisely this perky persona that has her injecting a bit of humour into the name of her café and the description of some of her dishes.  

Since this place is all about bacons, we started with the Bacon Twist, which featured four twists of puff pastry encased with sharp cheddar and wrapped in bacon.  And anything that is wrapped in bacon is wrapped in love!  The twist was baked to perfection with its fragrant and slightly charred bacon, the crispy puff pastry and the gooey cheese all worked in unison to create a moreish bite of food.  If you enjoy the Bacon Twist, you would surely like the Bacon Bombs as well.


This Cheesy Bacon Garlic Toast is a simple dish that I thought the children in our eating party would adore, but it ended up equally adored by the adults too.  Nothing quite can beat a garlic toast made with fresh garlic and bacon crumbs with just the right amount of cheese.  I could eat the whole plate by myself!


The Eggs Florentine is a version of poached eggs served on top of a bed of rocket, streaky bacon and sautéed mushrooms and finished with a drizzle of hollandaise sauce.  The oozy egg yolks passed the eggs cooked to perfection test.  The rocket gives the dish a slight bitterness and peppery flavour that I liked.  Overall, a very good and successful dish that I will gladly have seconds.


The Baked Eggs Breakfast is like most other baked eggs except this one came baked in a bacon cup. The bottom of the cup was lined with bacon slices and the baked eggs were cooked to a runny consistency.  It was excellent for dipping the hard but crunchy sticks of toast into the runny yolks.


After so many bacon dishes, we switched it up with an order of Salmon Pot Pie from their pies+tarts+quiches menu.  This beautiful golden crust of the baked pot pie was filled with salmon chunks, carrots, potatoes and celery in a cream sauce.  

The salmon chunks within were incredibly soft and tender, and the cream sauce was not overly thick and creamy, with just the right consistency.  And the puff pastry was extremely thin, light and crisp!  Everything about this pot pie was wonderfully done.  It's a pot pie you would not want to share because you would want the whole thing for yourself!