A Buffet Restaurant For Every Occasion

Buffet restaurants are getting more and more popular. These days, people tend to celebarate different kinds of occasion at a buffet restaurant.

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine (also known as Tao Cuisine Restaurant) has successfully made themselves an outstanding buffet restaurant in the town. TAO Restaurant offers ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet with full table service that focuses on quality.

I recently paid a visit there and it was quite a pleasant experience. I went there on a weekend and it is crowded, but luckily, I made a reservation or else I would end up waiting for a long time.

Sashimi is always a must order when you're having a Japanese buffet. I had their Sashimi Moriawase which includes salmon, tuna, white tuna, mackerel and octopus. The sashimi is nicely cut into pieces and it is generously plump and fresh.

If you like oysters, you should try their Kaki Hiroyaki, which is actually baked oyster with cheese mayo. The oyster is baked to perfection with cheese mayo. It is so creamy, fresh and big in size.

Motoyaki Scallop is another dish which is almost similar to the Kaki Hiroyaki. It is a dish of baked scallop with spicy mayo. The scallop is fresh and I think the spicy mayo matches perfectly with it. It is creamy yet spicy.

Beef Bacon is one of my favourite dishes under their Teppanyaki category. Spring onion and cheese are wrapped in thin beef bacon slices and placed in a hot plate. It tastes special; it is slightly salty but yet, you can still taste the cheese. It is really tasty and it's perfect to eat while it is still hot.

Other than their ala carte menu, Tao Cuisine also has a couple of food counters set up in the restaurant. Their food counters are divided into a few sections, but the most interesting one is their Teppanyaki counter. There are lot of raw meat, seafood and vegetables on the counter. Patrons can take the food they want and put in into the bowl provided and pass it to the staff. After the food is done, it will be sent to the patrons’ tables.

Besides that, Tao Cuisine Restaurant also has a dessert bar. There are different kinds of dessert offered, but I especially like their Mochi. It is quite sweet and it has many flavours.

Overall, the food served at Tao Cuisine Restaurant are really nice. Their staffs are quite polite and very attentive to the patrons' needs. The ambience of the restaurant is also cosy and warm. Tao Cuisine Restaurant is totally worth a try.