Range: 600-700 baht/person

Recently at @thefrankfoodie, we've been tired of finding new Thai restaurants. When people ask us for Thai food recommendation, we just told them the same old names in our list and they just went there and finished the meal happily without us being complained behind. This is because we realized that every of you can easily get nice and comfy Thai food at your very own home sweet home. And, those fancy Thai restaurants these days just don't really work out a better place than your homemade dinner.

At-Ta-Rote is one of the fancy restaurant in a prime location, claiming "the original flavorful Thai eatery". However, you cannot judge (some) book by its cover.

Checked for the originality. We once tried this Thai herb in a homemade southern yellow curry and it gives us a vivid memory of amazing texture. This time, you get a crunchy and chewy fries full of vitamin and nutritions.

Checked for flavorful. The chubby chunk of crab meat totally absorbs the flavor of Thai herbs and chilli giving joyful moment in your mouth.

Thai spices egg stew is somehow a bit too sweet for us.

Lotus petal wrap is such a beautiful dish to refresh you tastebud. We're not a fan of any leaf wrap though.

Thai crab coconut curry. Again with this quality chunk of crab meat. Sweetness of the fresh crab meat really goes well with aromatic Thai herbs.

Thai steamed dumpling with lovely presentation. After a troop of starters and main courses, here comes the sweet troop.

Two way banana in coconut milk. One with the basic coconut milk and the other with golden brown color is with jaggery sugar but to be honest, we found no difference here.

The sticky rice in the gelato gives chewy texture with the nice aroma from the espresso.

Coconut milk ice cream served with caramalized bael fruit which needs concentration to really taste and smell. If the ice cream is a bit more salty, it will perfectly balance the flavor profile of the dish.

Well, what they claim isn't all lie.