Sri Trat

Sri Trat  


Bangkok, Thailand 

?????? (2.5/5)

Range: 600-900 baht/person 

Sri Trat is in soft opening period but it already needs advance reservation. The traffic in front of the bar was a bit blocking the way to the main dining hall so just walk across until you find more spacious space inside. Our table has constant water leaking from the aircon but the tables were too full so they just turned off the aircon without moving us elsewhere. Peaking over other tables. The food looks nice and probably photogenic display and ingredients. This minced pork with salted fish Trat style was one of the menu ordered by all tables but was pretty dried and we couldn't taste the salted fish at all. 

After sampling a few curries and namprik dishes, we came to 2 conclusions for the reasons to justify our underwhelming results. One is the balance of flavors, namprik was way too spicy and the chamaung pork was too sweet. Second density of based herbs, the flavors are there but we don't feel sufficient texture. For example the Kang Pa, normally at the bottom of the dish would lay layers of herbs and grinded meats but it was quite watery. 

The food emphasizes that they don't use MSG in the menu and wants to make the food like good home-cooked meal. The food is olay if you don't really look into details. Like this cha om with grass noodle, it was homey but we think a bit more garlic would help lift up the overall flavors.

Tray of Thai desserts, it was a double portion of black sticky rice, mango with sticky rice and similar to Prakim Kai Tao (sticky flour with peanuts in coconut sauce). 

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