Saneh Jaan

🐷🐷🐷 (3/5)

Range: 500-1,000 baht/person


Saneh Jaan fills up the gap of authentic fine dining Thai food in Wireless road. Expect uncommon names in the menu, not the same things you encountered in everyday life. The decoration is grand. The seatings and service are formal as well. 



Even though the flavors are condensed with lots of herbs and seasoning, heavy but as normal Thai food, they are mostly sweet. Take this flower-like fish dumpling, the flaw on this one would be thay the wrap is too thick, not balancing well with the stuffing inside.



Grain fed rib eye with Northeastern style sauce (Jaew). Good grilled beef, juicy and tender.



From top left to right: sator kapi kung, Pad Thai, crab/chaplu curry, appetizers crispy rice crust and pineapple with curried fish. Deep fried white Pomfret with mango sauce. The curry and fried fish are what we enjoyed most. The sator would be better with more intense kapi flavors and the beans are quite old/hard.

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