Nahm Bangkok

Pickled baby watermelon...Noma serving in Thai style #puppup_noma #noma #gelinazshuffle #gelinaz #shuffle #nahm #bkk #rene @the_gelinaz

Cured egg roll, Green mango, coconut flesh & combu

Crispy cabbage and durian, pumpkin & crispy fish & sweet fish!

Broccoli scallop seaweed oil, young corn with Pla Rah!...genius!

Suckling pig tamarind, cabbage and pickled thai vegetables

Straw mushrooms and coconut milk, soft shell crab with thai aubergine and mango leaves

Ant egg pancake with rice ice cream

Pork skin tamarind, sweet potato & snake skin fruit, sugarcane...true noma

I was so glad to be a part of this amazing Gelinaz shuffle! Rene never fail to surprise me with his dishes wherever i go. With such a short period of time he and his team spent in Bangkok...the results were just amazing of how he uses local ingredients and stay true to Noma's DNA. I can not wait to visit him again in Copenhagen next year and see how will his cuisine evolve in the future! great job 👍