Lim Lao Sa (Samphanthawong)

Lim Lao Sa (Samphanthawong)
Lim Lao Sa (Samphanthawong)
Lim Lao Sa (Samphanthawong)



02-212-6540 \ 081-339-1299 \ 02-212-6541



Song Wat Rd., Samphanthawong, Bangkok


There are many fishball noodles in Bangkok, but Lim Lao Sa is one of those long-standing names that people remember. Open for only a few hours in the evening in the quiet Song Wat area, the eatery makes everything fresh from scratch daily, from the fishballs and the dumplings to the very popular egg noodles. Order the Ba mhee hang (dry egg noodles with toppings, B60) and sen yai nam (wide-noodle soup, B60). Make sure to order all you want in one go or you may have to wait up to an hour for succeeding orders.

Signature Dishes

Fish Ball Noodle

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