Bua Loy Sam Kasat (Samphanthawong)

Bua Loy Sam Kasat (Samphanthawong)
Bua Loy Sam Kasat (Samphanthawong)
Bua Loy Sam Kasat (Samphanthawong)




Choroen Krung Soi 14, Charoen Krung Rd., Samphanthawong, Bangkok


MRT Route MRT Hua Lamphong


Forget all the other bua loy (glutinous balls in coconut milk) stalls on Yaowarat Rd., Bua Loy Sam Kasat is where you should come for a good cup of the luscious dessert. A cup of hot coconut milk is filled with three flavors of glutinous balls (taro, pumpkin and pandan) that are not too floury or puffed up. Plus, the coconut milk and coconut chunks are not overly sweet. The sweet boiled-egg version (B25) is particularly recommended. The egg tastes as if it had been cooked sous vide – the egg white is silky and the egg yolk bright and runny — you may end up ordering only the eggs after the first bowl.

Signature Dishes

Rice Balls in Sweet Coconut Milk , Rice Balls in Sweet Coconut Milk with Poached Egg

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