Patisserie Masatomi (Bangrak)

Patisserie Masatomi (Bangrak)
Patisserie Masatomi (Bangrak)
Patisserie Masatomi (Bangrak)



092-267-1301 \ 02-235-6643


4/F Silom Complex, Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok


Japanese desserts are incomparable. Just ask Tommy Rungnoppakunsi, pastry chef and owner of Patisserie Masatomi, which now has a branch at Silom Complex. Chef Tommy, who quit his corporate job to take a patisserie course at the Cordon Bleu, now painstakingly creates decadent macarons, soft Mont Blanc pastries and exquisite mochi cakes, all of which exhibit an airy delicacy typical of many Japanese desserts. These treats don’t rely on sugar or an overuse of butter, but on the natural flavors of fruits, nuts and other exotic ingredients to make an impression.

Signature Dishes

Mochi Cake , Mini Tart , Mont Blanc

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