The Kitchen

The Kitchen 

Chef's table 

Bangkok, Thailand 


Range: 2,200+/person 

Before the year end, we just discovered our new favorite restaurant in Bangkok/Thailand. We rarely came upon a place where every dish is flawless and super flavorful. The most important thing, food is made by love and passion. Chef Monika was raised in a kitchen since young age. She travels the world to cultivate experiences and you can really see through the journey of 7-course private dinner, excepting only 1 table per night with a minimum of 5 people. The Kitchen started off from hosting parties amongst friends and family. Dishes are pretested many times until the perfect recipes reached. Quality of ingredients also another brilliant thing. They are sourced from all over the world and if it runs out, Chef Monika would just have to pause that menu. We called to discuss and finalize the sequences that would be satisfied for both diners and the chef. Satisfying for the chef meant good balance of carb, flavors and particular ingredients so the overall meal bridges together well. The Kitchen doesn't have a holiday schedule fixed, Chef Monika said she cooks or teach (1 thing per day) for 5 consecutive day and would close for 1 day. 

We started by popping a sparkling red wine, only available in Milan. The chef's personal favorite. 

Every dish is served as family-style sharing. Organic tricolor quinoa salad with pomegranate molasses and mixed nuts. The salad bowl is separated to 3 corners, salad/grilled mushroom and quinoas. The salad is definitely the highlight, adding Zumat, a kind of berry, on top also give a sweet/sour taste, packed with full flavors yet so light and refreshing. 

Moving to Persian dish, Za'atar Koofteh with feta cheese and cured olive. First time having this, before we knew the homemade pita breads are all used to clean up everything on the plate. 

Cajun (New Orleans-ish) king prawn balls with garlic and ghee dip. Big chunk of prawns are clearly tasteable. Needless to say, another highlight of the night. 

Greek Rosemary Clam & Pancetta stew. The clams are very fresh and clean. Real pancetta enhanced the bolder aroma and gave more dimensions.

Seared (MSA 5-star) cape grim rib eye with fried bread and anchovies salsa. A good grade Australian beef with so rich in beefy flavors. The more you chew, the more flavor releases. This can rival good steakhouse in Bangkok, if not better.

Spanish chorizo paella, with French blue mussles and prawns. Big serving spoon needed to scoop up the crispy part. Chef Monika said this paella has converted many newbies to The Kitchen's regulars. And yes, we would return. 

Homemade lemon meringue tart. They are so beautiful that we don't want to tear it apart. This is the best Lemon tart ever. We were really really full after we cleaned up the paella. But this is just so so good. 

 A course at The Kitchen is designed to be like this. 1 salad, 2 starters, 1 stew, 2 mains and 1 dessert. A smaller portion isn't available as they want to stick to the course concept. The meal last around 3-4 hours so if you don't want to be too full late at night, come a bit earlier. The reason we are so impressed with the meal could be summed up that Chef Monika's table is small but it doesn't confine her spirit to cook with love and passion for good food. To simply put, boutique restaurant, a real one. Our tummy wanted us to stop eating but our taste buds yearning for more. 

We highly recommend this one of a kind place for its unique food/ambience/choices of ingredients. Go there without any expectation. Learn her amazing story. Taste her food from love and experience. Last of all, trust in her and you will leave home with big smiles. 

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